In order to successfully manage individuals and teams who are distributed geographically, or who are working from home, managers and leaders need to develop and apply appropriate online and virtual processes and structures.

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Leading self

Self management

When individuals work from home or in a distributed office, the core problem they face is self-management: how do they create a structure that fits their home environment, family and/or unfamiliar environment, and also keeps them connected to work, colleagues and managers.

Leading Others

Connecting others

When colleagues need to collaborate from home or from unfamiliar environments, they need to set up a series or principles, agreements and processes to ensure workflows continue. They can't rely on just 'bumping into' each other, picking up the phone or shooting a quick email.

Leading Teams

Leading teams

Leading teams who are operating from home or unfamiliar work environments requires a subtle balance between regular check-ins, connecting and communication, and allowing autonomy and self-management. Managers can't just fall back on situated management models. 

Performance Potential

The myPOTENTIAL Academy

The myPOTENTIAL Academy is an on-line platform that enables managers to learn about effective virtual management strategies, share ideas with others managers, and participate in virtual Zoom 1-1 coaching sessions and group workshops in order to be successful in the world of managing virtual individuals and teams.

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Virtual interactions

Virtual interactions

Managers participate in a range of virtual meetings and 1-1 coaching sessions (delivered via Zoom) where they will explore the difference between situated management vs virtual management strategies. Meetings are recorded so that managers can refer back to conversations. At the end of each virtual meeting, managers will have a series of actions steps to execute and report back on.

Clean interface

Clean interface

The online platform provides a clean interface that is user-friendly, houses a wide variety of developmental mechanisms including video recordings, zoom recordings, audio, files and text. Discussions can be integrated into the course, or a completely separate discussion forum can be created. Participants can also download the app and access from their preferred mobile device or tablet.

Customisable topics

Customisable topics

While we have developed our core suite of leadership and management topics, we can fully customise the experience to suite the individual needs of the organisation, business unit and/or team. We use a highly structured approach that enables individuals to work at their own pace or stay accountable to deadlines. Whatever the approach, we base our design on adult learning principles to ensure maximum impact.


We are accredited in a variety of online tools that can support management and leadership development processes in a wide variety of ways, from self-assessments, 360 reviews, reflection processes and more. Many of these tools provide online resources and apps to enhance virtual team management practices.

The leadership circle 360

The leadership circle

Individual and 360 degree feedback tool and strengths-based methodology.

Team Management Systems

Linking Leaders Profile

Individual and 360 diagnostic from Team Management Systems

Team Management Profile

Team Management Profile

Individual and group reflection tools and online apps.


Performance Potential has been designing, planning, implementing and facilitating organisational leadership programs, workshops and initiatives for over 10 years across a variety of industries and sectors. Below is a small sample.

Australia Awards Fellowships

Inter-cultural Leadership Programs: Nauru, Indonesia 

State Library of Queensland

Executive and Senior Management Programs, State program.

Swimming Australia

Athlete Leadership Team Workshops

Diving Australia

Athlete Leadership Programs and Workshops

Queensland Investment Commission

Emerging Leaders Program: high potentials

University of Queensland

University Management Programs: academic and professional staff

Queensland University of Technology

Academic Accelerated Leadership Program

University of Southern Queensland

University Management Programs: academic and professional staff

Griffith University

University Management Programs: professional staff, management

TAFE Queensland

Executive Leadership Team Programs: MSIT

SkillsTech Australia

Executive Team Leadership Development Program

Consult Australia

FutureNet Emerging Leaders Program: professional sectors


Our leadership consultants and facilitators are trained, qualified and accredited.


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Dianne Lucas

Senior Indigenous Workplace Advisor, USQ

Chris is a very professional facilitator and has a unique way to get to the core of an individual's belief without asking them to change, but reflect on why we react and respond the way we do in different contexts. Chris is inclusive and very understanding of my background as an Aboriginal leader in my workplace and my family life and provided me with strategies that I have been able to apply in my workplace and private life that has created positive outcomes. I can honestly say the journey has been a transformational one for me personally and professionally.

Advanced Mobility Analytics

Sally Wernham

Village Consulting

Chris is an innovative business facilitator, who dares to challenge participants towards greater potential. His innovative approach and attuned business acumen brings a unique dimension to business coaching and training. Through the Performance Potential programs, Chris invites individuals to challenge their thinking and focus on their strengths, and in doing so, enables them to develop the skills for the coaching and development of others. I would highly recommend Chris for his breadth of business insight, and powerful development programs.


Allison Clarke

Group Accountant,

I found the program conducted by Chris Ridler from Performance Potential to be challenging, enlightening and rewarding. I believe the leadership skills that I have learned from this program over the 23 weeks, through the various workshops, buddy sessions, personal one-on-one coaching sessions with Chris, and journal challenges, to be particularly relevant to increasing my professional performance in my current role as well as immensely beneficial to my career ambitions. I value Chris’s ability to listen and adapt his training specific to my career challenges and goals.