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Performance Potential are experts in developing high-performance teams. Our team coaches and facilitators have worked with Olympic teams, executive teams and organisational business units, providing consulting and facilitation expertise.

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Performance cycles

Performance cycles

High-performance teams create and refine cycles that contribute to the big picture of high-performance. This means balancing rest and recovery phases with analysis and coaching, training and rehearsal and event management. High-Performing teams don't just pump out tasks.

Strategic diversity

Strategic diversity

The differences within any team are what makes the difference between success and failure. Diversity creates tension, so high-performing teams need to be deliberate with diversity, balancing effectiveness with challenge, compromise with growth.

Legacy building

Legacy building

Great teams continually invest time and energy into creating and refining team culture. Successful teams know what Totems to honour and how to effectively manage Taboos so that they can leave a lasting legacy to customers, colleagues, the organisation, and the world.

Ecological systems

Ecological systems

High-performing teams understand that they are part of an ecology, that their choices and behaviours interact with and are inter-dependent upon others, and other parts of the broader system. Successful teams know how to create a powerful ecology for themselves and others.


Performance Potential has been designing and facilitating team development activities, including programs, workshops and organisational change initiatives for over 10 years across a variety of industries and sectors. Below is a small sample.

Rowing Australia

Rowing Australia High-Performance Team

ANU Enterprise

ANU Enterprise Leadership Team

Swimming Australia

Swimming Australia Athlete Leadership Team

University of Queensland

UQ International Leadership Team

State Library of Queensland

Senior Management Team

University of Southern Queensland

School of Health, Engineering and Science

TAFE Queensland

MSIT Executive Leadership Team

Griffith University

Corporate IT Services Team, School of Health

SkillsTech Australia

SkillsTech Executive Team

Queensland University of Technology

Digital Business Solutions

Open Minds

Open Minds Executive Leadership Team

Crest Electronics

Crest Executive Leadership Team


Our team development consultants and facilitators are trained, qualified and accredited.


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CHRO - Crest

Ann Murdoch-Brown

CHRO, Crest

Chris was engaged to facilitate team building and create unity among a newly-appointed leadership team. He demonstrated confidence, experience, and skills to raise and moderate a group of alpha executives to identify, discuss, and adopt conventional corporate solutions to key issues that were preventing the team and business from operating at their peak performance.

International Business Development

Helen Bulle

Manager - International Business Development

Chris provided the senior executive team, both individually and as a group with tools to honestly evaluate and challenge, enabling clarity and growth as a leadership team. Using an inquiring facilitative approach, Chris ensured an inclusive environment, drawing upon and respectively challenging all members.


Aaron Smith


Chris facilitated personal development and executive leadership programs for our organisation. He is a natural communicator, quickly winning trust with his clients in order open the doors of communications while challenging his participants to truly tackle personal and organisational issues in order to create a beneficial change. 


We are accredited in a variety of team-specific tools that can support team development processes in a wide variety of ways.

Team Management Profile


Team Management Profile: work preferences tool

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QO2 Profile


Opportunities to obstacles Profile: orientation to risk tool

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Values Profile


Window on workplace values profile: individual values tool

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Points of You


Points of you: team and group reflection tools

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